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Life in a montage

I’ll admit it, the job-hunting process is not as nearly as fun as it may seem. Lots of free time, but much of that time is waiting for prospective employers to come calling. There has to be an easier way. Like a montage, perhaps.

Granted, I’ve been watching a lot of movies. But it seems so easy: On comes a peppy song, and watch the intrepid heroine use her pluck and determination to stride through several scenes at work with ease. Why plod through the daily grind when you can just skip the monotony and focus on a few key moments? With the plot set up and background music, the montage comes with ease.

I want that. I want my own theme music. I want to change outfits multiple times while walking down the same street (showing the passage of time and my progression towards a goal). I want my pluck and wit and determination (as well as a movie’s flattering lighting) to get me where I want to go. I want my own montage.

You see, then I can skip the hours and hours of job applications. Instead, 15 seconds of me at the computer, thoughtful look on my face and fingers flying over the keyboard. Instead of endless interviews with the same questions, one shot of a witty answer that makes the interviewer laugh, followed by a handshake and a triumphant exit. Include a moment from that awkward first day at work – trying to reach something on a too-high shelf or dropping a pile of books in front of the boss – but move quickly to scenes of work actually getting done. Like not dropping those books. Finish with a bang, a nod from the boss and a shot of me at my creative but tastefully decorated desk, looking confident and at ease. Simple.

Maybe, instead of spending time applying for jobs, I should just work on making this montage happen. I can pick out the perfect song, upbeat and quirky but not saccharine. Line up a week’s worth of outfits and practice changing in and out of them really quickly. I’m already good at holding on to piles of books.

Unfortunately, my montage can’t be complete without a job and someone to film it and piece the moments together. I guess it’s back to the grind for me. Maybe I can change outfits in between applications. It would definitely help my pluck.


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