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The Beats wouldn’t have a tea party

Lee Siegel of the New York Times has a fascinating essay on the parallels between the politics of the Beat Generation and the Tea Party. Both are outsiders, both disaffected in their own way, but only the Beats would invoke a comparison to Dionysus, Greek god of wine and theater. Check it out here: The Beat Generation and the Tea Party.

Guess I really do need to read Allen Ginsberg’s Howl now. I’ve been meaning to for a while…

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Tea Party Witchcraft

Christine O’Donnell, Tea Party member and Republican candidate for Delaware state senator, has admitted she has dabbled in witchcraft in the past, but is now trying to pass it off as no big thing. Well, Dana Milbank of The Washington Post has proof that she is truly a witch: Top 10 reasons Christine O’Donnell might be a real witch

Articles like this make me happy, and less inclined to hide under a chair when I hear about the latest kerfuffle involving the Tea Party. Dana Milbank, thank you for brightening up my Monday.

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Talking points

  • Grigori Perelman, a Russian mathematician, won a $1 million Clay Mathematics Institute Millenium Prize for his solution to a problem that mathematicians have been trying to solve since 1904. But Perelman, who is unemployed and lives in a small apartment with his mother, has turned the money down. This is not the first time he refused a prize.
  • Everyone knows the story of how Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag. But what everyone doesn’t know is that Ross was a smart businesswoman,¬†was married three times and made several more flags during the Jefferson and Madison administrations. It seems the real story is much more interesting than the legend.
  • A doctor in Florida is dosing pregnant women with an experimental hormone meant to prevent their unborn daughters from becoming lesbians. Some scientists believe that the hormone dexamethasone might prevent the development of ambiguous genitalia in female babies, but this application toward sexuality is taking things a step too far. Endocrinologist Maria New thinks the hormone could also prevent girls from tending towards traditionally male behaviors. I say she’s a bit off in the head.
  • A new tumblr, Tea Party Jesus, puts the Tea Party’s words right in Jesus’ mouth. Party propaganda or clever satire? I’m hoping it’s the latter.
  • Casablanca Rick’s Bar of Kabul, a landmark for the UN in Afghanistan, is shutting down. It has been serving alcohol and atmosphere to foreign dignitaries since the late 1970s.

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