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Osama bin Laden, Taliban leader and fixture of the FBI’s most wanted list since 1999, is dead. He was killed this weekend by US special forces – a mission that had been in the works since August, when US operatives discovered bin Laden hiding out at a mansion turned fortress in Pakistan.

It’s surreal, in a way, to hear this. Bin Laden has been the world’s super villain for almost 10 years. Many people, including myself, have grown up in fear of the Taliban and what they are capable of post-9/11. To have it end so abruptly is both galvanizing and almost hard to believe, since the search has been ceaseless for so long. Hopefully, bin Laden’s death is as much of a downer for the Taliban as it has been a morale boost for the U.S. Thousands of people flooded Ground Zero last night to celebrate, a show of unity and strength that will, hopefully, be echoed around the country.

Hear Obama’s announcement here.

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