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I skinned a wookie for fashion

Though I like to think of myself as somewhat knowledgable about fashion, there is one fashion don’t I constantly commit: I wear uggs. Big, black, furry-only-on-the-inside ugly uggs. You see, my feet are always freezing. It could be 95 degrees, middle of summer, and my toes feel like I’ve just pulled them out of a bowl of ice water. I’ve been told it’s poor circulation, but whatever it is, the first time I sank my chilly feet into a pair of big, fuzzy ugg boots, I was sold. So warm. I think my toes actually sighed in relief.

So, I’ve worn uggs for years. Only with pants, though – the combination of uggs and miniskirts, especially with my chicken legs, is too awful even for someone with feet like mine to consider. However, it seems my years of loyalty have paid off. Given what I’ve seen on the fall runways, my block-like boots are on the tamer end of the fashion spectrum.

Chanel, that beacon of chic, shoved models down its fall runways (in March – the fashion industry runs six months ahead) in boots that looked like Karl Lagerfeld cut Chewbacca’s legs off below the knee. These extra-large, extra-furry boots, however, seemed tame in comparison to the furry jumpsuits that opened the show and the icebergs (imported!) which decorated the runway. Perhaps the boots were meant to keep the models from getting frostbite?

D&G, the sister line of Dolce and Gabbana, also embraced the furry boots trend, but then took the haute ski bunny look a step further. Where Chanel showed boots with fur-trimmed versions of its classic tweed suit, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana sent models down their runway in knit nordic-print onesies and long-sleeved leotards. Perfect for those who like designer long underwear.

While I think I get the ideas behind these furry collections – that the apres-ski look, with its connotation of health and outdoorsiness, is back in; that fur will help keep us cozy in winter’s harsh climate (and, perhaps it will also comfort us in these tough times, though that might be a bit of a stretch) –  I find myself hoping that these collections were done tongue in cheek. Over-the-top fur (faux and real) and exceedingly impractical knitwear could be an attempt to bring some levity into what has recently been a bleak landscape, both for the fashion industry and the economy in general. Though frostbitten thighs – the only skin not covered by these furry boots and knit bottoms – aren’t exactly a laugh riot.

I, for one, plan to stick with my uggs. Though they might not be fashionable, I will never be suspect in a wookie hit-and-run. And they will keep my frozen feet safe from Chanel’s ice-covered vision of winter. Though I might have to get myself a nordic sweater. But sans the leotard part – I like to keep an open mind, but a sweater that doubles as underwear is just a bit too much for me.

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