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Blocks and cigarettes

NYC legos, from Abstract Sunday (NYTimes)

After not writing for so long, actively trying to think of something to write about is difficult. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? That’s original, witty or thoughtful? Really, the more I think – and over-think – the worse I get.

But I do have a reason for not writing and subsequently agonizing over not writing – I am officially employed! Not as a journalist, but as the C.O.O. of a new company. Meaning I take care of everything: insurance, permits, equipment, tobacco. That’s right, tobacco. I, the health nut, the girl who eats organic food and whose worst vices are chocolate and coffee, am in the tobacco distribution business. I find it oddly funny too.

So, instead of chronicling my unemployment woes and wishes for a career montage and more patience, I now have a wealth of new material – tobacco distribution related material – to pull from. There is a whole world of regulations and taxes to explore (oh boy!), a whole new vernacular to learn. I am poised to become a non-smoking cigarette expert. Though smoking will not be allowed inside my warehouse/office. What will be allowed (to stay) are the boxes and boxes of caramels and hot chocolate left by the warehouse’s former owner, an ice-cream company. I might be storing my inventory in ice-cream freezers, next to two large jelly bean containers, the kind that separate the jelly beans by flavor and feature stickers with jelly belly recipes on them, such as piƱa colada or strawberry shortcake. Though they are currently empty of jelly belly goodness. But I will do what I can to change that – candy and cigarettes, such a promising combination.

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In which we look at life after graduation

Yesterday marked graduation from my (undergraduate) alma mater, Washington University in St. Louis. To celebrate the occasion, some students formed a flash mob in front of the library. Good times. But those good times – that feeling of freedom – wears off eventually.

When I graduated from Wash. U. two years ago, I felt completely confident in my plans, unlike many of my fellow students, who were facing the void of life after college. I was going to graduate school in journalism – two more years to figure out what I was meant to do before being thrust into the real world. Grad school is a respite from reality, though a respite that made me sleep-deprived and hooked on caffeine. But two years goes a lot faster than you’d might think.

I have graduated from my Master’s program. I am officially a real person, so to speak. (Though an unemployed one.) And I am finally privy to the paralyzing uncertainty and fear many of my compatriots faced two years ago. Of course, they’re all employed now. (Bugger.} I have sent out numerous applications and inquiry letters. The only response I’ve had is from a national publication that told me, alas (yes, that word was used), all paid positions have been filled. And so I am stuck in limbo, waiting.

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