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Where will all the fetish shoes go?

According to the July issue of Vogue, chic is the new chic. Yes, that sounds redundant. Chic – looking ladylike, put-together, emulating screen stars of yore rather than rock stars of today – is in. Chic. How convenient, that one word can convey so much.

For the past several years, the look beloved of fashionistas and editors everywhere (save the personal style of Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who never wavers from her tailored dresses and sharp bob) has been a sort of rocker-chic – there’s that word again – comprising skinny leather or denim pants, military-style jackets and huge platformed ankle boots festooned with spikes and buckles and all sorts of hardware. These boots were made for walking. Or clomping – their precarious platforms make moving around very difficult. Continue reading


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