A better use for breast milk

Rather than focusing on the more, erm, unusual uses for breast milk – ice cream, for example – Nick Kristof of The New York Times has a more direct approach. Breast milk can be used to prevent malnutrition in babies. Astounding.

According to Kristof, studies show that if a baby is fed breast milk exclusively for the first six months of life, the chances of that baby surviving – and thriving – skyrocket. But it’s not so easy convincing mothers in countries with malnutrition problems and high infant mortality rates to breastfeed. Everything from religious beliefs to supposed common sense to, perhaps, stigmas surrounding breast and breastfeeding seem to get in the way of what, on the surface, appears to be a simple and obvious solution. Because, unfortunately, nothing is ever as easy as it sounds. But, perhaps, it could be – if stigma and superstition are superseded by education.

Check it out here: The Breast Milk Cure

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