The 4+ questions

Passover starts tomorrow night, which means that Jews all over (including myself) are buying matzoh, cooking brisket and sneaking bites of charoset out of the bowl. (Charoset is a mixture of fruit, nuts and wine. It looks weird, but tastes amazing.)

One of the seder traditions involves the youngest person present asking the four questions, which explain the main traditions of Passover: reclining, eating matzoh and bitter herbs. Always the same four questions. To add variety and humor to the routine, the New Yorker has come up with the extended version of the four questions, meant to explain parts of Jewish life today. My favorite:

FATHER: Has everyone here seen “Blazing Saddles”?
ALL: Yes, we have seen it.

FATHER: Do you remember the beans scene? That is the greatest scene.
ALL: Yes, we remember it.

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