Corny poems and writer’s block

My abject apologies for a lack of posts lately – for the past few days, I have been incapable of thinking of anything to say. I need to rev up my brain. So in the meantime, here is something to inspire everyone’s poetic and comedic sides: Gene Weingarten of the Washington Post has rewritten some old, corny jokes in the style of famous poems. This one’s my favorite.

“The Pig,” in the style of Shelley’s “Ozymandias”

I met a traveler from a rural clime

Who said: “Three legs I spied upon a pig;

no final leg remained.

Nearby, in tattered overalls the farmer stood,

And saw my puzzled look, and thence explained:

“Two fortnights now it’s been,

Since that day of dense and leaden skies

When this very sow espies

My pregnant helpmeet Becca,

She and unborn child in quicksand, at peril for their lives!

Quick to the house the noble beast repaired

To summon me. Thus Becca yet survives,

As well the babe, to dandle on her knee.

“But what about, asked I, the legs that number only three?

The bumpkin looked at me as though I were a dunce.

‘A pig like that,’ he said, ‘you don’t eat all at once.’ ”



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