I’m just fashionably late

Happy slightly belated New Year, everyone! I hope it was wonderful.

I was overseas on vacation with my family for the last week, and my iphone, usually so reliable and entertaining, turned into an ibrick. No signal; I couldn’t even get wifi. So I was offline for a week – definitely an interesting experience.

Once I got used to the idea that I couldn’t check my email several times a day, I all but forgot that I had email. That is until I was reminded of a need to get in touch with a contact for an upcoming interview, which spurred me to spend the greater part of a day finding a way online by hook or by crook (and that didn’t cost 12 euros/hour). I eventually succeeded. And was not fully satisfied until my plane touched down and my phone had signal again. Oh well – I can never make the resolution to take myself offline. I’d probably go mad.

Other resolutions, however, I am willing to make. Like finding a job. And perhaps being more punctual – though there are certain situations where it is best to be fashionably late, this included (as I have just decided based on my aforementioned situation). Also to take more pictures. And write more. Really, I think I’m using my resolutions as a means to motivate myself to spend more time doing the things I like to do. Sometimes laziness can be all-encompassing. I can easily while away a day reading in my pajamas – not necessarily a bad thing, but too many days of that and I start to feel like a crazy reclusive dog-lady (I’m allergic to cats).

So my resolution is to pull my nose out of my book or fashion magazine or newspaper a little more often. Get out and go do a bit more. Not to the detriment of this blog, certainly not. But more than I do now. And maybe I’ll occasionally be on time for it.

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