Balanchine and the ballet

Today, The Wall Street Journal features a look at George Balanchine’s influential ballet, “Serenade,” written by one of Balanchine’s dancers. “Serenade” brought classical ballet into the present, liberating women dancers from stories where they waited for years for their prince to come. A little history, a little behind-the-scenes action; check it out here: George Balanchine’s “Serenade,” the Ballet that Changed Everything.



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3 responses to “Balanchine and the ballet

  1. thanks for the interesting post. I’m going to link your blog to mine, http;//

  2. The stance that Serenade “changed everything” seems to ignore the work of Leonid Massine. Wasn’t Les Presages, an abstract, symphonic ballet a year earlier than Balanchine’s work?

  3. Michelle Albert

    I think the Wall Street Journal was referring to changes within American ballet; Les Presanges was first performed in Australia. But I am not an expert on ballet.

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