Glenn Beck is touched by an angel

Ultra-conservative Fox News pundit and all around annoying guy Glenn Beck seems to be training for a new job as a stand-up comedian. I can’t see any other reason why he would claim “divine providence” linked him with Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Washington Post reports that because of scheduling problems, Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally is scheduled to take place on August 28 at the Lincoln Memorial, exactly 47 years after King made his famous “I have a dream” speech there. Though Beck has faced criticism from all sides, including the NAACP, for this scheduling decision, he believes the link will help hammer his message home.

Beck plans to unveil his “100 year plan” for America at the rally, honor military families and, he says, restore the values America has been lacking for way too long. Apparently, Americans are lacking in honor and integrity. Oh, and “truth.” Just vague enough to avoid a need for clarification, and grandiose enough to entertain Beck’s thought that the rally will be a “historic” event.

The rally will also feature Sarah Palin, the hand-reading, word-coining mama grizzly who inspires some and terrifies many. This combination of Palin and Beck, who has accused President Obama of racism against whites and who has dismissed ‘African-American’ as a “bogus” term, seems destined more for infamy than historic significance. The Washington Post piece quotes Beck comparing King’s desire for people to be judged by their character with his own aims. But anyone who is quick to accuse others of racism (Sonya Sotomayor, for example) and compare Al Gore’s work against global warming to Hitler’s Final Solution has very little character of his or her own. What Beck claims is divinely ordained is destined (ooh, providence is getting its revenge!) to become nothing but a farce.

Beck, do us a favor, and drown these ludicrous ideas of yours into a cup of that tea your supporters seem to enjoy so much. I think King was a coffee drinker, anyway.


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