Prop 8 overturned!

Yesterday, a California Judge ruled that proposition 8, which declared gay marriage illegal, is unconstitutional. This decision puts gay couples one step closer to enjoying the same rights of heterosexual married couples, rights they fully deserve.

According to the Washington Post, Judge Vaughn R. Walker’s decision states that prop 8 only serves to bolster the notion that opposite-sex couples are somehow superior to gay couples, and that there is no evidence to support this notion. The decision joins California with five other states and the District of Columbia who allow same-sex marriage.

The fight is far from over, however. Though prop 8 has been overturned, gay couples in California can’t marry quite yet. And opponents of gay marriage are gearing up to take the case to the Court of Appeals. It is expected to make it up to the Supreme Court, which would be the first time gay marriage is addressed there.

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