What’s wrong with the romper

A romper is a combination of shorts and shirt, a sort of one-piece that looks adorable on babies and toddlers. It is also now, if the runways and shelves at Urban Outfitters are to be believed, an ‘it’ piece for summer. For grown women, not toddlers.

I suppose that whoever conceptualized the romper as a fashion statement had a ’50s pin up-type image in mind, a woman in a romper and wedge-heeled espadrilles, her legs stretching for miles. The idea is summery and carefree. But the reality of the romper is not nearly as glamorous. The often floral printed one pieces can be both blousy and ill-fitting. Camel toe is a common side effect, and the shorts are often an odd length that strikes at the widest part of the thigh, which is never flattering. Basically, the romper makes women either look frumpy or like a two-year-old, neither of which (despite the other current trend of bloomers/briefs instead of pants) is a desired effect.

And don’t forget the fun of having to completely disrobe in order to go to the bathroom. Though peeling off a romper is probably not as uncomfortable as a wet swimsuit (I spent my formative years as a competitive swimmer, and am fully versed in the difficulties of going to the girl’s room in a wet suit), the awkward feeling is the same. You will still end up naked in the bathroom.

If you must try the one-piece look, how about faking it? Shorts and a tank top in the same color could give you that matchy, monochromatic effect without the pulling and bunching. Although, since fashion – well, more specifically, style – involves creating a unique look, perhaps jumping on the romper bandwagon, since everyone else is doing it, isn’t the best idea. Trends can quickly become ubiquitous, which diminishes their appeal. And no fashionista worth her Manolos wants to look like everyone else.

I think we need to find the next big thing. How about bringing skorts back? Skirt in the front, shorts in the back… Pair it with platform sneakers, and we’re back in 1995. Oh yeah.

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One response to “What’s wrong with the romper

  1. Ginny Knutsen

    Having donned these lovelies in the past, I can tell you, Michelle, that you are right on target, especially with the whole using the restroom dilemma!

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